Sports Watch--Let You Exercise More Scientifically

Sports Watch--Let You Exercise More Scientifically


A suitable sports watch can make your sports more effective. The following introduces the benefits of several sports watches for you, hoping to give you a deeper understanding of sports watches.

A suitable sports watch can make your sports more effective. The following introduces the benefits of several sports watches for you, hoping to give you a deeper understanding of sports watches.

1. Know your resting heart rate

Monitoring your heart rate in real-time can make your workouts more effective. Your resting heart rate can serve as a guide to your overall health because it shows how much effort it takes to transport oxygen, nutrients, and other substances around your body.

Your resting heart rate is the number of heartbeats per minute when you are resting. For a healthy adult, it ranges from 50 to 70 times. This number will decrease or increase as your health improves.

In addition to showing your health, having the watch monitor your resting heart rate can also indicate if something is wrong with your body. For example, some smartwatches will alert you if your heart is out of normal range at any time. With this information, you can share it with your doctor and conduct further tests, in time to catch the problem before you develop symptoms.

2. Keep track of your heart rate

Smartwatches can monitor heart rate in real-time as you exercise, and most smartwatches present this information in a graph for easy monitoring. Not only will a smartwatch let you see your heart rate spikes, but it will also alert you when your heart rate is too high (or too low).

3. Use music to stay motivated

With smartwatches and fitness trackers, you can sync music, podcasts, and audiobooks to your device so you don't need your smartphone to listen. This can be helpful on a run and in the gym, as you can carry less and eliminate many distractions from your smartphone. And you can switch tracks, pause or change the volume from your wrist. Make your fitness process even better.

4. Maximize your recovery

Restoring your body's energy is mostly done while you sleep. However, not all sleep allows your body to recover well. When you rest, your body goes through multiple phases, each of which helps you recover.

The most important part of sleep is the stage known as rapid eye movement or rapid eye movement. This is where your brain recovers from the active 16 hours (or more) of the previous day. This stage is the shortest stage of sleep, but one of the most important.

Then there are other sleep stages of muscle recovery. If you don't take the necessary time to recover during these phases each night, your muscles will remain sore the next day and you won't be able to engage those muscles again the next day.

But as you know, just going to sleep is not enough. With so many smart devices and games around us to play, many of us don't get a good night's sleep. With a smartwatch, you can change that.

Smartwatches can track how much time you spend in each sleep stage. Armed with this information, you can change your bedtime to maximize your energy, such as going to bed earlier or adjusting your room temperature. For extra help, some smartwatches are equipped with specialized sensors that measure blood oxygen levels to determine if you have sleep apnea.

Finding a sports watch that's right for you takes a bit of exploration, but it'll improve your workouts significantly. Just like your smartphone. But with the right use, you can also really get the most personal experience possible. If you don't understand something about sports watches, you can contact us.

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