What is the Development Trend of Smart Watches?

What is the Development Trend of Smart Watches?


This article will introduce the working principle and advantages of smartwatches in detail so that everyone can understand the development trend of smartwatches.

 the common health functions in smartwatches

As an important part of wearable devices, smartwatches are innovative products between traditional watches and smartphones. A smartwatch is a wearable device that meets the technical requirements of a traditional watch but has certain information processing capabilities.

In addition to meeting the time display function of traditional watches, smartwatches also integrate many other functions, such as smart reminders, weather forecasts, GPS navigation, heartbeat monitoring, exercise records, etc., and can realize some of the communication functions of smartphones, such as answering calls, send and receive text messages, some smartwatches can install payment software to realize payment functions and listen to music through TWS headset connection.

According to the target group of the smartwatch, it can be divided. The potential target group can include children, adults, and the elderly. Different age groups have different requirements for the functions of the smartwatch. Therefore, the different positioning focuses of the smartwatch also have different.

Smartwatch for the elderly: functional orientation focuses on health management. These include heart rate monitoring, emergency call, fall detection, medicine reminder, and other functions tailored for the elderly, in addition to precise GPS positioning, etc., which can keep track of the whereabouts of the elderly and provide protection for the elderly when they travel outdoors.

Smartwatch for adults: mainly used for sports and health care. It can provide detailed information such as speed and heart rate and can realize functions such as music playback, long-distance photography, and mobile payment. Some smartwatches can also support multiple sports modes, and the main audience is sportspeople and digital enthusiasts.

Smartwatch for kids: Focus on voice calls and security. Most of the functions of smartphones are not just needed for children. Relying on smartwatches can meet the time display and basic communication functions, which is convenient for parents to contact their children at any time; accurate GPS positioning, historical track, one-click calling, and other functions are more convenient for parents. Keep track of your child's whereabouts and escort your child's safety.

In the early stage of development, smartwatches have defects such as single function, imperfect ecological environment, and immature operating system.

Most communication functions (such as making calls, receiving information, etc.) need to be connected to the mobile phone, and even need to download more functions from the mobile phone, software, or App, thus becoming an accessory of the smartphone.

However, with the introduction of eSIM cards and the growing maturity of the smartwatch ecosystem, this situation has been effectively resolved, and smartwatches have begun to get rid of the inherent impression of "mobile phone accessories" and become independent products.

The eSIM card in the current smartwatch has two application scenarios: support for a single number and a dual terminal for the number one. Compared with the independent number, the "one-number dual terminal" service is more in line with the usage habits of most smartwatch wearers, so it has become the main development direction of domestic operators. With the introduction of eSIM, the independence of smartwatches has been greatly improved, and various smartwatch brands are also actively promoting the development of eSIM.

Health monitoring is still the most concerned function of smartwatch users, and it is an important entry for human health data, which has great strategic value. The smartwatch is close to the human epidermis and can be worn for a longer time. It is the best way to continuously collect human health data.

The various sensors embedded in it can effectively collect various vital signs indicators that cannot be collected by mobile phones, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, Blood pressure, etc., and support the perception, recording, analysis, and management of health data, and disease prevention with the help of related software.

In addition, the outbreak of the new coronavirus has once again awakened people's health awareness, and smartwatches with health monitoring and exercise management as their main selling points are expected to gain greater popularity. Blood oxygen saturation is an important monitoring indicator for new-onset pneumonia, and it is an important parameter for monitoring breathing and circulation.

This function was originally designed for mountaineering enthusiasts. It can remind people to avoid hypoxia in time; for people with respiratory systems such as pneumonia and asthma, the blood oxygen monitoring function of smartwatches can also come in handy. Bring them to the attention again in the event of an outbreak.

In addition, some smartwatches integrate functions such as sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, drink reminder, and fall detection, which can be widely used in daily life, such as work, travel, exercise, sleep, etc.

According to the survey, more than 70% of potential users will consider the perfection of the product's health monitoring function when purchasing a smartwatch, and it has received the highest attention among all functions, which also reflects that people are paying more and more attention to the health monitoring function of smartwatches.

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