How to Use a Smartwatch to Detect Covid-19?

How to Use a Smartwatch to Detect Covid-19?


This article will explore how smartwatches help us detect COVID-19 for your reference.

 the principle of smartwatches to detect blood oxygen saturation

According to recent research, smartwatches, along with other wearable devices, may play an important role in the early detection of COVID-19. There are even companies now developing a customizable wearable device to help asymptomatic patients detect whether to switch to COVID-19 and isolate themselves in advance.

Last year, in a study called "Warrior Watch," researchers at Mount Sinai found that the Apple Watch was able to detect subtle changes in a user's heartbeat and use it to predict that a user might be infected up to 7 days before symptoms appear. of COVID-19.

Specifically, the research team followed 297 healthcare workers between April 29 and September 29, with participants wearing Apple Watches equipped with a special app that measured changes in their heart rate variability (HRV). HRV refers to the change in the time between each heartbeat and is a measure of how well a person's immune system is working.

"We already know that markers of HRV change in response to changes in inflammation in the body, and COVID is a severe form of inflammation," said study author Dr. Robert Helten, assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City. "HRV metrics changed significantly in the seven days before an individual presented underwent a nasal swab test and was diagnosed with covid-19." 

A similar study was conducted by Stanford University and found that 81% of COVID-19 patients who wore various smartwatches had abnormal HRV in the first nine days when COVID-19 showed obvious symptoms.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic right now is identifying asymptomatic people with COVID-19, who are asymptomatic but still contagious and unknowingly spread the virus.

Studies such as these suggest that seemingly mundane consumer technologies that allow people to easily identify early signs of insidious symptoms could play an important role in the management of future epidemics.

Developing a way for an infected person to know if they are infected before they show symptoms of the infection is truly a breakthrough in COVID-19 management. This technology not only enables us to track and predict health outcomes but also enables timely remote intervention. "

Based on these studies, Proselect is developing a customized smart wearable device specifically for the early detection of COVID-19.

As vaccines begin to roll out around the world, the next step that needs to be done is to ensure that infected patients are detected as early as possible, and a smartwatch capable of detecting COVID-19 could be an important step in the global response to COVID-19.

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