How Does a Smart Watch Monitor Sleep Quality?

How Does a Smart Watch Monitor Sleep Quality?


This article introduces the specific principles of smartwatches monitoring sleep quality for your reference and learning.

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At present, the selling point of most smartwatches on the market is that they can monitor sleep quality. We may rely on the sleep monitoring data of smartwatches to develop good living habits, and its data can also reflect the crisis of our health in time. The following introduces the specific principles of smartwatches monitoring sleep quality for your reference and learning.

The principle of sleep monitoring

Thanks to the rapid development of sensors in recent years and the maturity and wide application of technology, smartwatches on the market all use sensors for monitoring. Generally, smartwatches that can automatically monitor sleep use actigraphy to analyze sleep status. . In layman's terms, a sensor on the smart bracelet measures the quality of sleep according to the amplitude and frequency of our wrist movements when we sleep. Actigraphy then detects tiny movements in order to determine whether we are awake, light sleep, or deep sleep.

As for how to determine the state of the user, it depends on the preset parameters of the smartwatch. Several trigger conditions are preset on the smartwatch to determine whether the user is in a sleep state. When the monitoring data of the smartwatch matches the preset If the data match, the bracelet will determine that the user has entered the corresponding mode.

The recording principle of sleep monitoring data

After we understand the principle of sleep monitoring, what is the recording principle of sleep monitoring data? Earlier we talked about the motion recorder applied to the smartwatch. This actigraph is a monitoring system developed in recent years, which enables continuous data monitoring and recording from sleep to wakefulness without affecting daily life.

As a new auxiliary inspection method, actigraphy has been widely used in many aspects of clinical work, including the diagnosis of different forms of sleep disorders such as insomnia, periodic leg movements, sleep apnea syndrome, etc. Evaluation of treatment effects, evaluation of sleep patterns of special populations, etc., and this monitoring has also been recognized by the industry.

Principles of determining sleep stages

According to the report of the authoritative biological research institute, the depth of sleep is generally measured by the reduction of physical activity and sensory sensitivity, but it is still difficult to accurately measure the depth of sleep based on the current scientific and technological level, so we can see the monitoring data obtained from the APP are only close to the actual sleep time.

Sleep monitoring is to monitor people's movements through actigraphy and perform cumulative calculations in a systematic calculation method. The total value is recorded every 2 minutes. At the same time, the posture data is recorded, and the sleep state is judged by calculation.

When judging deep sleep, the muscles of the human body will relax, and the limbs will not produce large movements or even move, while in light sleep, the human body will produce certain slight movements. The principle of the smartwatch is to judge the state of deep sleep by monitoring the movement state of the wrist and slowly changing from light movement mode to motionless at night.

Here, we need to use the calculation engine, and then judge according to each person's sleep cycle. The end and start of each sleep cycle are used to calculate the deep sleep time. This is also a method that is widely used in smartwatches at present.

Of course, the data monitored by smart wearable devices are not completely accurate at present, and the application of its sleep monitoring technology is mainly to let everyone pay more attention to their own health.

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