What Functions Does a Smartwatch Have?

What Functions Does a Smartwatch Have?


If you want to learn more about the specific functions of smartwatches, you can find a lot of useful information in this article.

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In recent years, watches have shifted from decorative to functional. Smartwatches are the inevitable result of the passive evolution of traditional watches with a single function in the era of big data; intelligent society and fast-paced life force us to pay attention to the functions of watches. Based on various life needs, smartwatches are mainly divided into the following two categories in terms of functions.

Main function

The main function of the smartwatch plays a decisive role in the user experience brought by the smartwatch.

(1) Movement monitoring

Today's smartwatches not only have step counting functions but also exercise guidance functions, so they can be called exercise monitoring. Through the built-in acceleration sensor to obtain your position and movement information from different dimensions, to achieve the effect of monitoring.

At present, the acceleration sensor used in most smartwatches has changed from the original two-axis to the three-axis. Compared with the two-axis sensor, the three-axis sensor adds an additional directional dimension monitoring in the horizontal direction, that is, the three-dimensional dimension, which improves the accuracy of motion monitoring. If it is a smartwatch selected based on sports needs, it is recommended to choose a smartwatch with a three-dimensional sensor.

(2) Heart rate monitoring

For daily exercise or older people, it is also important to always pay attention to the healthy heart rate monitoring function. The main use is the projection measurement method, which utilizes the absorption of light of a specific wavelength by blood to achieve the effect of monitoring heart rate and heartbeat.

(3) Smart reminder

The smart reminder function can be said to transplant the most basic functions of the mobile phone into the smartwatch, which can simultaneously display incoming calls, text messages, time, calendar, etc. Reminders also prevent you from missing important caller information.

Additional functions

Additional functions are more based on the needs of going out. At present, the additional functions that some smartwatches can support mainly include GPS positioning, mobile payment, remote control photography, and display of world time and other functions.

(1) GPS positioning function

GPS can be said to be a very mature positioning technology in contemporary times, but there are not many brands that have maturely applied it to watches. The GPS positioning function is mainly used to record the running route and the location of the positioning and can obtain the precise position with less error.

(2) Mobile payment function

Mainly through the built-in NFC module, it is possible to realize mobile payment when going out, such as taking the bus, subway, supermarket, etc. It can be paid with a swipe of the wrist, and travel is much simpler and more convenient.

(3) Remote camera function

Taking pictures is mainly achieved through Bluetooth connection, and you can take pictures with a shake, which greatly enriches the playability of the smart bracelet. However, there are still relatively few smartwatches with this function at present, and the function is not perfect enough.

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