How to Choose the Right Smartwatch Based on the Dial Specification and Strap Material?

How to Choose the Right Smartwatch Based on the Dial Specification and Strap Material?


This article specifically shares a variety of smartwatches with dials and straps, hoping you can choose the right product and get a good wearing experience.

 a variety of smartwatches with dials and straps

When choosing a smartwatch, we need to follow the purchasing logic and steps. First, start with the specifications and materials of the watch that can directly affect comfort, and then start with deeper sensors and systems. By mastering these steps, even if there are many models of smartwatches, you can easily choose the one that suits you.

Because smartwatches are in direct contact with our skin, the type of their appearance will greatly affect our wearing experience, so the first factor we need to consider is the specifications and materials of the following smartwatches.

1. Dial specifications

The dial shapes commonly used in smartwatches can be roughly divided into two types: square and round. The application scenarios for different dial types are different.

Round shape

Due to the influence of traditional watches, many smartwatches appear in the shape of a circle. Early watch movements were basically round, so it was a matter, of course, to make the watch into this shape.

In terms of aesthetics, the hands in the watch all rotate along the center of the circle. The solid and rounded outline can make most people feel more beautiful and comfortable, and it will also give people a sense of familiarity visually. Often used for daily travel or business activities.


A square dial smartwatch, which is different from a round dial, is mostly used in sports scenes. The square design is not random, it is the optimal design selected based on a large amount of ergonomic data analysis.

The straight frame is just flush with the palm joint, which can better fit the wrist structure design without hurting the wrist due to accidental impact during exercise. Another advantage is that it is small and can fit the arm better. There is no prominent outline and it is not easy to affect the movement of the wrist joint. It is suitable for sportspeople.


The choice of dial mainly depends on the occasion of use. For people who buy a smartwatch for sports, it is more suitable to choose a square dial that is conducive to viewing data. For those who want to use it for daily travel, good looks are the first priority. It is more appropriate to choose a round dial that can bring people a comfortable vision.

2. Strap material

Just like regular watches, smartwatch straps also come in different materials. There are three kinds of materials for smartwatches on the market today: TPE, silicone, and TPU.


It has a good feel and has shock resistance and impact resistance when it falls on the ground. Silicone is insoluble and has good waterproof performance. However, the texture of silicone is thicker, less style, easy to be greasy, slightly poor fit, and at the same time, the material is slightly poorer, and it is easy to get ash.


It has high wear resistance, good scratch resistance, high strength, outstanding cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, mildew resistance, and good flexibility. The only disadvantage of TPU is that it is not easy to demold and has low productivity.


Soft and smooth to the touch, better than silicone and TPU. Good wear resistance, easy to color, easy to mold and demould, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and not allergic to human skin. It can be said that TPE is the preferred material for smartwatches.

Woven cloth

Any design related to woven cloth can give people a small and fresh feeling. The feel of this material is actually the most comfortable. It is not heavy and can absorb sweat and is breathable, and the softness is enough. Because it is sweat-absorbing and breathable, it is more troublesome to clean. It needs to be disassembled and washed, and simple wiping is useless. Generally, wristbands made of this material are more suitable for women.

In general, high-end watches are made of medical-grade TPE or TPU materials. These two materials are not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, but also do not cause harm to the human body. Summarize the performance ranking of the following three materials:

Comfort: TPE>TPU>Silicone;

Waterproof: Silicone>TPU>TPE;

Durability: TPE>TPU>Silicone;


The strap directly affects the experience of wearing it. If you value comfort, you can choose smoother TPE and TPU. If you look at water resistance, the silicone strap is the first choice. If you value the service life, choose a more advanced and high-quality TPE material strap.

If you want to know about different types of smartwatches, you can pay attention to our news, we will update the articles in time according to the needs of users.

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